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Sunday, December 23, 2007
Self Help
Is a relationship of mutual dependence possible?
Yes, but there is always a chance one party is more vulnerable than the other
because at any time, the other party could just walk away from the relationship they work hard to build because for some reason he/she perceives the benefit of leaving higher than the cost of staying.
In a sense, it is only when each party realizes that they still have control over their own entities, that they recognize their sovereignity.
If you’re a liberalist, there might appear this notion that
“maybe this one’s different”
but then again, what guarantee does one have?
One must engage in self-help, and act cautiously to the idea of ventures requiring trust since in a state of anarchy;
the name of the game, is survival.
6:42 AM

Kinah, Trizia, and Sarah are Political Economy students from the University of Asia and the Pacific.





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