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Sunday, December 23, 2007
MUGing sino ka man...
I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop, just me and my mug.

I look in my mug, and it's empty.

It has always been.

I sat in my favorite seat, one where I am able to watch people pass by.
I see different people, and as I watch them pass by, I know they don't notice me.

But sometimes they wave and recognize I was just there, waiting for someone to say hi, but I know they just come to go, they just pass by.

Then you had to come in.

You sat in front of me, and saw my empty mug.

You offered to fill it with your special blend.

So I accepted.

I let you fill my mug.

and it looked promising, I tried it, and it made me feel warm inside.

You came and made me try something new, something that wasn't me, and I let you.

I handed you back my mug,

to make you feel the same way I felt.

You smiled and held my mug,

but because of your carelessness,

you dropped it.

It fell.

It shattered.

You looked at me, then went out the door, afraid to face what you have done to my mug.

And I stand alone.

By my favorite seat.

Looking at my shattered mug, its pieces just scattered on the floor. Everything happened so fast. I bend and pick up the pieces of the mug I took so much care for. A mug which I entrusted to someone I never expected to break it.

Yet he did.

It will take a while to piece them together. And the cracks will forever be part of it.

And I stand there, realizing I should have just stayed with my empty mug.

and now I'm more alone than ever.

What hurts more is

I still thirst for that blend that once filled my mug.

2:33 AM

Kinah, Trizia, and Sarah are Political Economy students from the University of Asia and the Pacific.





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